My passion is in creating new technologies and new capabilities within organizations. I do this by building teams, technology and visions. My success has been driven by developing a deep understanding of a problem or opportunity and being able to simplify the problem into easily understood sets of questions. These questions serve as the guiding principles for the technology development and team cohesion. Through these fundamental questions I have been able to create and lead multiple teams that have been able to create amazing technology developments. In addition to these teams being very productive and high performing, the most important thing is that they are sustainable. The teams and labs that I have formed have continued with the principles, innovation and collaboration after I have moved on to my next assignment.

Work Experience

3M: Data Scientist (2007-Present)

  • Corporate Research Labs (Present)
    • Create Artificial Intelligence Group: Initiated the creation of the “Computational Intelligence” group focused on bringing machine learning technology to 3M. Group went from non-existent to now having over 20 members.
    • Responsible for: Technology development, technology roadmap, initial hiring, group advocacy both with peers and upper management.
    • Work with Traffic Safety Division, Health Information Systems.
    • Technical lead for Visual Attention Service.
  • Health Information Systems
    • Create Data Science Lab: Initiated the creation of the Data Science Lab within 3M HIS. Group went from non-existent to twelve members.
    • Responsible for: Technology development, technology roadmap, hiring, group advocacy.
  • Intellectual Property

University of Texas, Austin: Professor (2001-2007)

  • Research in human & computer vision along with human spatial navigation and robotics
  • Article on virtual reality research at the University of Texas, Austin
  • ~$1MM in research grants
  • Graduate student lab of six
  • Undergraduate research program
  • Teaching: Cognitive Science, Robotics, Research Methods
  • 1 patent granted and licensed
  • Google Scholar (~100 citations/year)

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: PostDoc (1997-2001)


  • Programming Skills: Python, Matlab, C
  • Mathematics: Markov Modeling, Probability Theory
  • Machine Learning: Deep Learning/Neural Network, Bayesian Inference
  • Agile: Product Owner, Scrum Master Trained

Publications & Patents


  • UCLA PhD 1997
  • University of California Irvine BA 1991